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SoftDesign: why choose?

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The search for differentiation in the job market is something that unites entrepreneurs and professionals in the most varied sectors. To stand out from the crowd, the way you think, and act has become an important strategy for those who really want to gain a competitive advantage. But what really makes a company authentic? At SoftDesign, we believe that expanding hard and soft skills through knowledge makes us unique. In a horizontal environment, we promote a lifestyle that is based on collaboration and continuous learning. 

Our way of working

However, we know that these skills need to break out from the world of ideas, as these discourses only find a reason to exist when put into practice. To Osmar A.M. Pedrozo, our CEO, the IT sector has changed a lot in recent years and now that the market is heated like never before, practical knowledge has gained even more value. “Our professionals have the opportunity to keep themselves updated through weekly and monthly meetings that promote the exchange of knowledge, such as the SoftDrops and the Practice Communities meetings. In addition, we are also increasingly betting on the training of trainees“. 

It is known that taking a graduate course requires a lot of dedication and long-term commitment. If this mindset makes sense to you, then SoftDesign is the right place. “We really want to develop people. We are always looking to learn new things to apply them on a daily basis, with a focus on generating value for the professional as well as for the client. Therefore, investment in training is essential, as to innovate we need to master new technologies”, Pedrozo emphasizes. 

Being a human company is also important to us. According to SoftDesign’s CEO, our differentiator is identified in our stable relationships. We work daily to build a company that values sustainabilitytransparency, and horizontality. “Being simple says a lot about our culture. Our ecosystem is not based on protocols and all people are of equal importance, regardless of their positions. We believe that we make a positive impact on the world when we help others, so we encourage a sense of community. Of course, this is a constant search. Nothing is ready, and everything can always improve. Everyone is responsible for the environment we create to work”. 

Learning and Development

For Marcia Borges Fortes, responsible for the people development department at SoftDesign, the technology sector alone can attract excellent professionals. However, being horizontal in the management of the company and operating through Agile Methods, all within a Collaboration Culture, are differentiation strategies that make the organization more attractive and able to promote innovation. “As a company, we have a responsibility to create opportunities and encourage the search for knowledge, and we do this through our benefits program for education, certification, among others. We live in a world where change is constant, especially in the technology sector. Therefore, it is necessary to meet market demands while encouraging the search for continuous learning”. 

This type of investment is beneficial for both sides, as associates acquire new knowledge that will be part of their lives, and the company acquires new skills, which results in an organization capable of meeting various demands. When a client seeks SoftDesign, our expertise allows us to indicate the best methods and technologies for that digital project and product. 

Join SoftDesign

SoftDesign has grown a lot in recent years, so we are focused on further strengthening our culture and values. According to Marcia, learning needs to be seen as an endless process that does not end at university. “There is a lot of knowledge available beyond diplomas. Of course, certifications are important, but the development journey continues for a lifetime; we need to monitor and respond to the needs and transformations of the world, the market, and society”. 

At SoftDesign, by carrying out continuous assessments of skills and preparing an Individual Development Plan (IDP), we were able to identify which skills need to be worked on and the areas that our associates are interested in developing. “It is important to reinforce a mindset which is open to knowledge and take learning beyond formal education. Thus, it is possible to think of possible actions to be performed in daily work, reflect on long-term careers, and show associates that they have autonomy and responsibility for their development”, Marcia emphasizes. 

Expertise and Collaboration

Remote work has put us just a click away from each other: an important factor for those working on the client’s side. Outsourcing managers Ranusa Souza and Carlos Poitevin say they believe that the technical skills of professionals must be aligned with their behavioral stand. “A strong point in IT knows how to work collaboratively, as teams are increasingly horizontal, working from the conception to the delivery of the product”, they highlight. 

Experience and the diversity of clients and projects also represent the differentiation of SoftDesign professionals. In addition, we work with the most up-to-date technologies, always focused on innovation, encouraging certifications such as the Scrum Foundation Professional(SFPC) and the Kanban Foundation(KIKF). 

According to Ranusa, soft skills are increasingly gaining prominence in the job market. Therefore, in addition to being technically good, the professional also needs to act with empathy. “This composition is essential, whether to work with national or international clients. Our company values a pleasant and challenging environment in which to work. Our feedback culture is also a differentiator, as we maintain a recurring and monitoring cadence, carried out by peers, leaders, and clients”, he emphasizes. 

Furthermore, managers seek to build a close relationship with their reports through emotional intelligence. “The associate is not just one of many. We know that the market is very heated, but we are proud to work in an artisanal way. We develop gems and the beauty of this is intrinsic in the data collected internally and in the usability of the products and services created”, Poitevin highlights. 

Agility and Innovation

Raphael Rodrigues is a Scrum Master at SoftDesign and guarantees that the company’s technical quality has always been a differentiator. “At SoftDesign, we have many qualified professionals, with experience, adaptability of knowledge, and the ability to face problems daily. An example of this are the projects carried out in well-established companies, which gave us an opening to grow together with our partners”. 

Our culture seeks to understand, raise awareness, and prioritize people’s problems. To achieve this, we use our way of thinking to create solutions, always respecting the culture of partner companies, focusing on business agility. “Our toolbox is not a closed one. Therefore, design is still very present in our processes. We are also flexible in business; we carry out comprehensive mapping capable of proposing solutions in a broad and holistic way due to the technical skills of the team”.  

We are a service company. Therefore, we solve demands thorough knowledge that is converted into value deliveries. “At SoftDesign, we empathize with the problems of others, as this thought is part of our culture. We don’t do what we do for money at all costs. We want to be a company that has a way of working that makes sense for associates and customers”, Rodrigues highlights. 

How we add value to your business

So, what is SoftDesign’s way of working after all? Transparency, autonomymanagement, and the union of different generations are some of our differentiators. “I think autonomy helps in decision-making, and people who make decisions without fear of making mistakes develop creativity. This reflects on performance, as associates start believing more in themselves. By engaging people, we deliver an even better service”, Rodrigues explains. 

Experimentation culture is also an important ally, as it generates learning. “For large companies, we offer the stability and expertise of our staff, as we do not have a significant turn-over and our technical level is high. For startups, we provide an experimentation environment focused on creating the business model, always based on knowledge, and building a relationship of trust”, he concludes. 

We are open to new associates, partners, clients, and projects. If you can relate with us, fill in the form below, and we will contact you. 


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