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We are experts in software development. With 24 years of experience in the national and international markets, we offer conception, development and management of digital products, including mobile apps, enterprise software and platforms. Design, agility and technology allow us to support innovation, digitally transform well-established companies, and assist startups and scale-ups in building and sustaining their digital products.

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We bring design, agility and technology together to transform your idea into software. Our multidisciplinary team is ready to design and develop your digital product.

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Digital TransformationSoftware Development

SoftDesign: why choose?

by , September 6, 2021

The search for differentiation in the job market is something that unites entrepreneurs and professionals in the most varied sectors. To stand out from the crowd, the way you think, and act has become an important strategy for those who really want to gain a competitive advantage. But what really makes a company authentic? At… Leia mais »

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Product ConceptionSoftware Development

Discovering Low-Code Development

by , August 19, 2021

In an increasingly digital market, it is common to find customers with great ideas for digital products but with no financial means to put them into practice. In these cases, Low-Code Development presents itself as an alternative because it can reduce development costs in configuration, implementation, and maintenance. You might be wondering: but if it’s… Leia mais »

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AgileSoftware Development

Open or Closed-Scope: which one is ideal?

by and , August 5, 2021

Among the subjects frequently discussed in this blog, are the differences between the Agile Method and the Traditional Method (Waterfall) of software development and the benefits of the first in relation to the latter. Today, we will continue to talk about this topic, but we will specifically address one of the most important items in… Leia mais »

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