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OUR WORK What our dedicated teams do

A dedicated team assists you with ideation, experimentation and agile development. Our teams bring the methods, tools and strategies needed needed to meet your business challenges.

Product Ideation

In 4 weeks, we go from idea to release plan.
If you have a new product idea or a challenge to tackle, our multidisciplinary team helps you to define a strategy, envision the product, create an initial backlog and plan the next steps.

Product Experimentation

Between 1 and 3 months, we go from hypothesis to knowledge. If your product is innovative, risky or uncertain, our team helps you to plan and execute fast experimentation, based on discovery methods or low-code solutions.

Software Development

In 2-week delivery cycles, we work through your backlog and deliver production-ready software. Our multidisciplinary teams design, develop and deploy each feature, and also conduct user testing to feed the backlog with new opportunities.

Software Maintenance

If your software needs ongoing support and continuous evolution, our team provides tech-level support, continuously evolving through the product backlog.


We build long-term relationships with our clients, whether with large companies or early-stage startups.

Let’s build exceptional software solutions together.

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Benefits What our dedicated development teams deliver

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

We design and develop mobile apps on native or hybrid technologies. We take charge of the entire process, from idea to store publishing.

Web applications

Web applications

We support the growth of digital products with experienced multidisciplinary agile squads.

Platforms and APIs

Platforms and APIs

Skilled squads and technical professionals to leverage digital transformation and become product-centered companies.

Big Data and BI Solutions

Big Data and BI Solutions

Through legacy system modernization, we help businesses ensure security, stability, and scalability for future growth.

Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

Apoiamos o crescimento de produtos digitais com squads multidiciplinares experientes que atuam com método ágil.

Enterprise software solutions

Enterprise software solutions

Fornecemos squads e profissionais técnicos para alavancar a transformação digital e tornar empresas product-centered.

FAQ More about Dedicated Development Teams

A Dedicated Development Team is a multidisciplinary team assembled to develop a software solution. The team is usually formed by a designer, a product marketing manager, software engineers (back-end, front-end and architect), a tester, a scrum master and a product manager.

No. This is a full-service option. You don’t need to worry about management or process. The team counts with a Scrum Master and a Product Manager.
The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring the team is using the best practices, following the Agile and Lean methods. Also, the Scrum Master works to increase delivery capacity, quality and predictability over time.
The Product Manager is responsible for managing the product backlog, ensuring the team is working on the most priority and valuable items for the business.

If you have an idea, a challenge, or an objective to reach, or the team is not able to simultaneously manage current and expected development tasks


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