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This is the purpose that moves us. We build a collaborative space to co-create and learn, supported by experience and knowledge.

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Values The values that guide us

Pathfinder, authentic and inspiring

Pathfinder, authentic and inspiring

We are curious people, we explore new ideas and are always learning. We don’t copy, we create. We inspire transformation in people and companies through knowledge and collaboration.

Responsible, experienced and expert

Responsible, experienced and expert

We face challenges seriously, we don’t give up on difficult projects, we never fail to deliver. We seek relationships of trust and transparency, based on our experience, technical competence and care with each product.

Transformative, innovative and strategic

Transformative, innovative and strategic

We bring together the culture, methods and knowledge needed to create innovative digital solutions. We share our knowledge and think strategically so that our impact is transformative.

Co-creator, light and human

Co-creator, light and human

We face everything in a human, collaborative, light and creative way! No hassle, no stiffness. We always adapt and believe that only together, co-creating, will we achieve incredible results.

Culture Our culture


Our culture is people-centered. We value the human perspective in all our actions and decisions: whether related to collaborating people or users of our solutions.


Our work happens online and is carried out by people around the world. We can be at home, in a cafe, at the university or even at the company’s headquarters. Freedom here is law!


We know that together we go further. We work as a team, with empathy, transparency and dialogue. Our challenges are faced together and our achievements are collective.


We believe that knowledge transforms us and takes us further. We are always learning about methods, tools and technologies. We encourage curiosity, questioning and the exchange of lessons learned.

Numbers Lots of story to tell


We are grateful to all the people who were and are part of these 25 years of history.


We are more than 160 diverse, multiple, interesting, open and amazing people.


We are proud of the more than 1000 projects we have already built with our clients.

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