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advantages Staff Augmentation with SoftDesign

Reduce complexity and save time

Finding and hiring remote engineers is a challenge. When you need to hire new employees, you and your team are already very busy, so how are you supposed to find time to recruit and select new staff?
When you work with SoftDesign nearshore, you can count on us to help you with a simple and straightforward process.

Reduce cost and avoid risks

Hiring remote engineers is difficult. When you choose SoftDesign for nearshore, you have a trusted partner. No risky freelancers, no high turnover. With SoftDesign, you take the burden off your HR to manage payroll, benefits and compliance. We take care of everything.


We build long-term relationships with our clients, whether with large companies or early-stage startups.

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Benefits Staff augmentation the right way

Only perfect matches

Only perfect matches

We conduct a detailed study of technical and behavioral skills to ensure that you only get professionals who are a perfect fit for your team.

Astonishing low turnover

Astonishing low turnover

Our HR team conducts regular check-ins and 1:1 conversations with our employees. We care about satisfaction and keep turnover rates amazingly low.

Lifelong learners

Lifelong learners

Our employees come from a culture of knowledge and development. Based on your feedback and online assessments, we provide ongoing guidance and support to help our professionals develop.

Committed professionals

Committed professionals

Collaboration and engagement with results. That’s what makes our employees tick. Our professionals are not only top engineers, but also agile savvy and able to understand your business challenges and priorities.


Technologies we excel in

We have top-notch engineers, with expertise in the following technologies.

FAQ Learn more about Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a type of outsourcing where you grow your internal IT team, by integrating people from a partner company.

Ideal for companies that already have a software development team and need to grow their team to meet delivery deadlines faster, or need specialized professionals for their projects. If you have a peak demand for IT projects or a special project with demanding deadlines, consider Staff Augmentation.

SoftDesign is the ideal partner for Staff Augmentation if you are looking for quality over quantity. We look for perfect matches for your business, culturally and technically, providing low-turnover and great results.
Staff well-being is essential to reach great results and that’s why we offer our team benefits, professional development programs, financial support for education, among others.

Staff Augmentation is a much more reliable and safe strategy than freelance hiring. The designated professionals will work focused on your project, with full participation in meetings and agile ceremonies. When you have a partner company for Staff Augmentation, you can trust trust that the professional experience and skills have already been verified. Also, you will build a long term partnership, that brings much more tranquility.

While recruitment agencies work to find suitable candidates to fill companies’ open spots – with no guarantees of how long the process will take, Staff Augmentation already has a pool of IT professionals ready to be allocated.
The Staff Augmentation partner is responsible for all staff’s financial and administration matters, taking the pressure off your HR department.

Staff augmentation usually helps reducing costs. The reason is simple: the whole recruitment process is long and time-consuming. When you opt for nearshoring (hiring a company from a different country, but still close to you) the destinations often have lower labor costs compared to your home country.

There are no fees prior to the contract. You will have our representatives’ full attention to make sure we will fulfill your expectations through meetings (phone and/or video calls).
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