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Innovation Beyond Glamour: Frameworks and Practices

by , 3 de August de 2022

We are halfway through the year. The first half of 2022 is over and the startup bubble has really burst. Amid layoffs and fearful entrepreneurs, the technology market is retreating after a few years of high investments, rampant cash burn, and great promises of innovation. In this scenario, some questions are inevitable. Did all the… Leia mais »

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Assistive Technology and Inclusion Design: possible paths

by , 21 de July de 2022

There is a growing discussion about diversity and inclusion in several areas, especially considering that the world, naturally, is diverse and have multiple social groups. But the truth is that this path, within the technological field, has been a reality for a long time, especially for those who depend exclusively on technology to perform basic… Leia mais »

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Creating the Blue Ocean of Your Digital Business

by and , 20 de April de 2022

If you’re creating a new digital business, rarely you don’t have competition. Most businesses already arrive in markets full of direct and indirect competitors, and the best-known business models are widely copied: products like ‘Uber for veterinarians’, ‘Marketplace for services’ and ‘Airbnb for offices’ are born every day. As if the fact of being in… Leia mais »

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Double Diamond as a framework for innovation

by , 8 de March de 2022

Design Thinking is not a new subject at SoftDesign. We apply this approach every day to develop digital products. That is why we understand the complexity of this framework and so, today, the topic here is about one of the most interesting tools of DT: the Double Diamond. Launched in 2004 by the English institution… Leia mais »

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Tech Trends for 2022

by , 8 de February de 2022

2021 was a year full of complex challenges, which made us reflect deeply. Through technology, society has followed a new path of development, expanding borders and improving processes and systems. Now, it is time to anticipate the next steps and to build new strategies. To inspire you, we will share the highlights extracted from the… Leia mais »

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The Future Of Technology: Web Summit 2021 Predictions

by , 21 de December de 2021

The future of technology is already among us. We share time and space with robots that help us daily with cleaning the house, choosing the playlist, and even preparing meals. In this automated world, virtual assistants organize appointments; autonomous cars roam the roads around the world while drones soar through the skies in an experiment… Leia mais »

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The Osterwalder Framework to Innovate in Business Models

by and , 21 de September de 2021

Have you ever heard of Alex Osterwalder? The Swiss theorist is the creator of the famous Business Model Canvas, and one of the most important researchers of Business Models in the world. At the last meeting of the Product Practice Community*, I shared a little about his latest book with colleagues: Testing Business Ideas: A… Leia mais »

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InnovationProduct Conception

Are you able to validate digital innovation?

by , 19 de July de 2021

These days when entrepreneurship is in fashion and disruption is the new goal of every entrepreneur, I write to ask if you have what it takes to walk down the path of validation. One of the most challenging phases of digital innovation is the validation phase, where the famous Product-Solution-Fit and then the Product-Market-Fit must… Leia mais »

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The 4 must-have characteristics of your IT partner

by , 20 de May de 2021

Over the past few years, the area of Information Technology has developed substantially: it has evolved from being exclusively linked to programming to being strategically linked to innovation. It means that IT is now essential to develop innovative products and services and to perform the digital transformation that businesses need to cope with the changing… Leia mais »

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