The Future Of Technology: Web Summit 2021 Predictions

by , 21 de December de 2021

The future of technology is already among us. We share time and space with robots that help us daily with cleaning the house, choosing the playlist, and even preparing meals. In this automated world, virtual assistants organize appointments; autonomous cars roam the roads around the world while drones soar through the skies in an experiment… Leia mais »

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Web Summit 2021: Highlights of the Technology Event

by , 6 de December de 2021

During our immersion in Web Summit 2021, Europe’s largest technology conference, we witnessed an optimistic scenario of economic recovery. The event, which took place between November 1 and 4, brought together more than 40,000 people in the Portuguese capital, where thinkers and experts from all over the world debated the future of society and technology… Leia mais »

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