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Product Metrics: attention to data

by , 23 de November de 2021

An important characteristic of the transition from a Project-based Culture to a Product-based Culture is the way to measure success. While in the first one we measure the fulfillment of the classic triangle of scope, cost and time, in the latter, we define product metrics related to the business, which prove the effectiveness of actions… Leia mais »

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No-Code: Advantages and Challenges

by , 9 de November de 2021

We live in a world with significant and constant changes regarding technology and business. The ability to adapt ideas and solutions to scenarios is a reality that companies need to deal with in order to remain in a competitive market. Technologies have evolved to support these changes, by creating platforms that streamline software development processes,… Leia mais »

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Digital Product Conception: why choose SoftDesign?

by , 19 de October de 2021

Exploring ideas, better understanding users, identifying features and choosing technologies. These are some steps covered in SoftDesign’s Digital Product Conception: a service capable of helping startups and consolidated companies in the development of a digital product or service, understanding the problem it solves and how it generates value. Design Thinking and The Lean Startup are… Leia mais »

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MVP: Experimentation and Learning

by , 5 de October de 2021

In the world of digital product creation and development, the Minimum Viable Product is turning twenty. The term MVP was created in 2001 and popularized by Steve Blank and Eric Ries to define the minimum version of a product that has enough resources to be used by the first users in order to gather feedback… Leia mais »

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Discovering Low-Code Development

by , 19 de August de 2021

In an increasingly digital market, it is common to find customers with great ideas for digital products but with no financial means to put them into practice. In these cases, Low-Code Development presents itself as an alternative because it can reduce development costs in configuration, implementation, and maintenance. You might be wondering: but if it’s… Leia mais »

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Are you able to validate digital innovation?

by , 19 de July de 2021

These days when entrepreneurship is in fashion and disruption is the new goal of every entrepreneur, I write to ask if you have what it takes to walk down the path of validation. One of the most challenging phases of digital innovation is the validation phase, where the famous Product-Solution-Fit and then the Product-Market-Fit must… Leia mais »

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Product Conception

Angel Investors and startups: what we learned at WebSummit

by , 8 de July de 2021

The city is Lisbon. The year is 2019. The center stage of this event is the Altice Arena. There, the last in-person edition of the largest technology conference in Europe was held: WebSummit. Over four days, world leaders and thinkers gathered to forecast scenarios and debate on innovative solutions for the global market. Meanwhile, more… Leia mais »

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Product Conception or UX Design Consulting? How to choose?

by and , 10 de June de 2021

Design is one of the fundamental pillars of our work as we understand the essential role of usability and user experience in digital products and services. UX/UI Design places the user at the center of the process of creating digital solutions, to humanize technology and understand the needs of people who use applications, platforms, and… Leia mais »

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Startups: how to conceive and develop a digital product?

by , 6 de May de 2021

Brazil has been a stage for major startup events, one of which is The Gramado Summit. It is an event sponsored by SoftDesign among others, that takes place in southern Brazil and brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and consolidated companies for workshops, lectures, and networking. In a recent interview with the Gramado Summit Portal, Osmar A…. Leia mais »

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App Development: from idea into software

by , 7 de April de 2021

The accelerating pace of business digitalization, along with a period of social isolation that demands new digital solutions, has ended up encouraging the entry of entrepreneurs into the software development universe. In most cases, they do not know much about the subject and have a lot of questions about the process that starts with an… Leia mais »

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