Spring Point QM Wizard

How we enabled on-site quality management through a mobile app

Dedicated development team

Quality management
Offline app synchronization

Portland, Maine

Usability and
data sync for
on-site quality management

The big win

When quality technicians needed to review all requirements for a customer’s products, they had to bring paper forms to the factory floor and fill out checklists manually, causing them to miss quality review steps and not capture all the information for their quality supervisors.

The previous version of QM Wizard, was only a web solution that did not work offline and could not be used in locations without access to computers and the Internet, which is common in this industry.

So what was the challenge for our team? To standardize processes and ensure high quality of work, replace paper forms, keep employees on site, ensure no step was overlooked, and capture all relevant test information.

With this challenge in mind, the team developed an electronic checklist and data capture system for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, that met all of QM Wizard’s requirements, with real-time data access and validation.

Established in 1999, today Spring Point Solution is a collection of industry best practices, the result of over 20 years of continual customer-driven improvements.

Solid partnership and shared values to achieve Spring Point’s goals

Creating, developing and evolving more than ten digital products is no easy task and Spring Point can not help but meet the needs of its customers and the market. Partnering with SoftDesign meant an increase in delivery capacity and, consequently, in revenue.

For Troy D. Locke, CEO and Co-Founder, and Amber Webster, Lead Software Engineer, geographic distance and cultural differences were not an issue. The time-zone difference of only one hour allowed both teams to work online at the same time, and communication in English, including technical issues, worked very well.

For Spring Point’s CEO, the most important thing was the consistency of values he perceived since the first conversation with SoftDesign:

When we look at our company, we can say that we have solid partnerships with our customers and we want them to succeed. That’s what we felt when we talked to SoftDesign: this approach, which should be the approach of every business, of creating a partnership, a long-term relationship where both look out for each other to continuously improve experiences, processes and the business.”
Troy Locke, CEO


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