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mobile apps

We build mobile applications on native or hybrid technologies. We work in the fast development of apps for startups to test ideas as well as in developing and sustaining robust apps for established companies.

customized software

We develop enterprise softwares to automate processes, turn manual operations into added value digital products, improve management, increase sales or integrate third-party softwares.

platforms, SAAS and APIs

We work in the development of scalable, high-performance SAAS, APIs and microservices to support high growth startups and large companies that have high growth forecasts.

maintenance and evolution

For companies that already have custom software, our team supports with the maintenance and evolution, making constant improvements and delivering new features to users.


the process

Your solution will be developed by a dedicated and multidisciplinary team that will use the agile approach, working in time boxes, usually of two weeks, called sprints.

With each sprint, a list of items is prioritized, built, tested and delivered so that you can give us feedback and make decisions. In addition, you can keep up with the team in our online kanban board, and participate in the refinement, planning and review with the team.

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Product ConceptionSoftware Development

No-Code: Advantages and Challenges

by , November 9, 2021

We live in a world with significant and constant changes regarding technology and business. The ability to adapt ideas and solutions to scenarios is a reality that companies need to deal with in order to remain in a competitive market. Technologies have evolved to support these changes, by creating platforms that streamline software development processes,… Leia mais »

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Digital BusinessProduct ConceptionSoftware Development

Digital Product Conception: why choose SoftDesign?

by , October 19, 2021

Exploring ideas, better understanding users, identifying features and choosing technologies. These are some steps covered in SoftDesign’s Digital Product Conception: a service capable of helping startups and consolidated companies in the development of a digital product or service, understanding the problem it solves and how it generates value. Design Thinking and The Lean Startup are… Leia mais »

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Product ConceptionSoftware Development

MVP: Experimentation and Learning

by , October 5, 2021

In the world of digital product creation and development, the Minimum Viable Product is turning twenty. The term MVP was created in 2001 and popularized by Steve Blank and Eric Ries to define the minimum version of a product that has enough resources to be used by the first users in order to gather feedback… Leia mais »

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