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design thinking

We use this approach to solve problems based on the designer’s way of thinking. The goal of Design Thinking is to understand the user’s perspective to find solutions and test them before certifying their viability. Some of these techniques are personas, journeys and prototypes.

lean startup

This approach allows us to look at the business and apply innovation management strategies. The benefits of Lean Startup include better prioritization, maximized learning, risk reduction and better investment planning. Among its deliverables is the definition of the MVP.

each product conception is unique

You will be supported by a multidisciplinary team, formed by product managers, designers and developers. We will use the most appropriate approaches and tools according to your ideas and needs.

Our goal is to orchestrate the best methods through a global perpective, considering users, features, market and technical feasibility. The planning, estimates and launch strategies will be defined and all knowledge produced during the Product Conception will be documented and delivered to you.

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product conception

expected results

value proposition

To begin the software development, to seek investment or to align the solution with other areas, it is important to clarify the motivation behind it.

features definition

The list of features helps measure estimates so that the development team can start building the digital product.

technology definition

The definition of technology should consider criteria such as business strategy, non-functional requirements and compatibility with technologies already in use.

strategy construction

The prioritization of items and the release planning allow the intelligent use of investments for the gathering of feedback and time-to-market improvement.


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