ideation and research

In the Product Conception stage, we realized surveys with users through in-depth interviews to identify their problems and study possible solutions. We also used process mapping techniques to understand the current work state and discuss the desired state.

Next, while analyzing the collected data, we created prototypes to carry out a first feedback cycle with users to assess whether the solution could effectively help them in solving their daily problems. With this feedback, we created an initial version of the product backlog and evolved into Software Development.

Process Management Software

problems and solutions

The development team worked in sprints, making partial deliveries for validation with users. As a result, it was possible to prove that the application would improve the daily lives of employees, the communication between the areas of the company and the quality of deliveries to customers.

The system, developed both for desktop and mobile, was built in .NET, meeting the company’s request to maintain compatibility with an existing codebase. So, afterward, its maintenance and evolution could be carried out by the MBM’s internal team.

Process Management Software

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