product conception

In the first step of Product Conception, we defined the target audience of the application and identified the need to meet the producers of parties and nightclubs, in addition to the users who attend the events. Their needs were specific: to increase sales, improve communication with their customers, and facilitate the operation.

Another theme of this stage includes the startup’s revenue model and the integration of the app with payment methods, at which time we researched the best solutions for the platform. Next, we focused on planning an MVP that would allow the launch and the first feedbacks in less than three months.

ONNi platform

software development

For software development, we set up a team with total dedication to ONNi. We used the agile methods, more specifically Scrum, performing two-week sprints that counted with the total participation of the platform’s founders – in refinements, plannings, and reviews.

The technology chosen for the app was IONIC, since it was necessary to quickly build a hybrid application. The backend was planned for the long term, developed in high scalability with Java Play, Akka, and MongoDB.

ONNi platform


The MVP planned during the Product Conception was developed and published in less than three months. It was launched at a test event with hundreds of users.

After the MVP, the development team continued to work on the support and evolution of the digital product. A further 36 sprints were carried out which resulted in the publication of new versions of the application and the inclusion of several features for customers and producers.

By always working very close to the ONNi team, our team continued to deliver new versions every two weeks, responding to market feedback

ONNi platform

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