The proposed solution was an onboarding software for customers to carry out simulations before the actual hiring. They would include information such as indispensable equipment for the job, the best period for execution, and the needed investment. This way, it would be possible to reduce the time invested in creating proposals, facilitate the capture of inbound customers, and improve the user experience.

Marine Studies Software


To reach the goal of this project the software needed to contain intelligence to cross geological data (formation, opening, depth), climatological data (winds and currents), and logistical data (distance, consumption etc.). It was also necessary to use an optimization strategy to choose the best route and the best equipment and using the data to calculate the cost of execution.

Marine Studies Software

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We selected a team of analysts, developers, and testers who, using the agile method, worked in two-week sprints. Customer participation was essential for the refinement of the backlog and the review of increments.

The first version of the digital product was completed and delivered in three months, with further improvements included in the following months. The technology chosen was Python, which allowed all necessary data crossings and calculations to be performed and associated with Django, which facilitated the quick creation of the system administration functionalities.

Marine Studies Software

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