The problem that SOHA brought us initially involved both the usability of the application and the aesthetics of the interface. The demand was to simplify the management of the vehicle for people who use it as a means of work to provide the resolution of everyday situations.

Through UX Design Consulting, we performed a heuristic analysis as well as a survey and interpretation of the collected data. We then mapped the user’s new journeys and, together with SOHA, we identified product improvement opportunities.
Next, a new Design System was established and interfaces with respective behaviors were designed so that the focus was on the appropriate user experience.

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software development

After UX Design Consulting, we moved to the Software Development stage, thinking about performance and quality. When validating its audience’s adherence, SOHA opted for native Android development, and the chosen language was Kotlin with components from Google’s Jetpack.

The work was carried out in the agile method by a multidisciplinary team, with constant participation of the SOHA team, both in the ceremonies (planning, daily, refinement, review and retrospective), as well as in the execution of software development. The support of the Slack, Jira, and Jenkins tools during the process promoted communication and transparency.

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SOHA came to us with an already tested MVP that was accompanied by market feedback and needed improvement. After the design work, in the words of Felipe Foliatti, founding partner of SOHA, “we arrived at the proposal for a sensational app, which could surprise the customer and take our project to another level, in addition to transforming it into digital technology”.

The development team continued to work on sprints and made constant deliveries to launch the new version in early 2020. The focus was on scalability so that the application could be used at a national level.

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