The beginning of our Agile Methods Consulting takes place through an understanding of the client’s work environment. We do not believe in the forced implementation of a process but in the evolution from the challenges of the company’s context.

For this reason, our team of consultants interviewed members of the Green Card IT team and spoke with users of internal and external systems. We mapped the current process, the team’s and the customer’s difficulties, and were able to confront the vision of the IT team with that of the other employees (users).

timing problems

the team did not maintain frequency in deliveries, which reduced the predictability of finalizing demands;

Centralization of knowledge

some team members centralized parts of the code, which generated dependence and bottlenecks;

lack of transparency

team members were not transparent with each other, which made transparency with internal customers impossible;

quality and incidents

quality adversities caused rework and incidents in production.


In order to help the IT team set its goals, we conducted a training cycle where we discussed digital transformation and the role of IT in creating digital business. We also exchanged ideas regarding agile methods and culture. Finally, we covered the topics of quality and software testing strategies.

At the end of the cycle, we held a meeting to define and prioritize actions for the next cycles.

Agile Transformation at Greencard

improvement cycles

Seven improvement cycles were performed in fourteen weeks. At each cycle, new objectives were implemented with the facilitation and mentoring of SoftDesign consultants.

Among them, the following actions were carried out: organization of teams according to products; selection of Scrum and Kanban methods as needed by each team;
configuration of Jira Software and Jira Service Desk to organize and make demands transparent; adoption of agile ceremonies; evolution and automation of delivery pipeline with integration between Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Jira; adoption of unit tests;
improvements in the refinement phase of the user stories; and improvements in the Discovery phase.

Agile Transformation at Greencard

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